About Nano-zone


Harnessing light and water, the power of nature protect the Earth.

The Earth is a miracle, where nature and life combine to create a beautiful harmony.
Today, that miracle is at risk.
Recognizing this, we have responded with our own solution.

Nano-Zoneharnesses sunlight and rainwater to help protect the environment.
At the same time, it helps to maintain comfortable living conditions.
Spontaneously, protect the environment with the power of nature.
Nano-Zone is a technology for this the future of the Earth.

Utilizing photocatalysts to harness the power of light and water and bring protection to our lives and to our planet.

Nano-Zone purifies air pollution (Nox & Sox) an helps to prevent environmental pollution. Like forests purifies the air by photosynthesis, it reduces the pollutants and purifies the air.
1000m2 Nano-Zone coatings have the equal effectiveness of 70 poplar trees

Nano-Zone exterior Wall / Glass keep their beautiful appearance for a long time due to the outstanding self-cleaning effect of photocatalysis. Indoor maintain a comfortable environment effortlessly thanks to the anti-bacterial, stain-resistant and deodorant effects of photocatalysis provided by Nano-Zone


The benefits of plants can be seen not only in their oxygen-generating capabilities.

Although it is not widely known, plants also purify the air.
For example, they can absorb and remove air pollutants called nitrogen oxides (Nox),
Which are regarded as a global problem because they cause acid rain and urban ozone (photochemical smog).
Nano-Zone removes Nox on the exterior walls of buildings just as effectively as plants.*
We deliver clean environments, even in cities where it is not easy to plant trees.
Nano-Zone has the same purifying capabilities as plants.

Do you have any idea roughly how much rain falls around the world?

The answer is 108 trillion tons’ each year….much more than most people would even guess. In an effort to harness the beneficial properties of this tremendous natural resource, we have equipped Nano-zone with self-cleaning capabilities, enabling it to use rainwater to clean 2 dirt from buildings naturally and effectively.
Your offices, apartment buildings and homes will become cleaner every time it rains.
Nano-Zone uses rainwater to wash away dirt.


Let us tell you something interesting that will make you like cleaning.

Germans have a saying : Order is half of life. As this suggests, it is very important to keep your surroundings clean and tidy, because if you can do so on a day-today basis, you somehow get the feeling that a large part of your life will go well Nano-zone can help you do just that. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-dirt and anti-odor capabilities, Nano-zone helps you keep your surroundings clean and even healthier, leaving you free to enjoy your life. Nano-zone lends a hand with day-to-day cleaning.

What can we do to make the planet healthier and people around the world happier?

Using natural resources of sun light and water, Nano-zone cleans the environment, reduces environmental burden and rejuvenates lifestyle with effortless beauty. You will see and experience Nano-zone more often all over the world since it is among the most wanted technologies that bring green and comfort to your everyday life. Nano-zone will help promote environmental cleansing the world over.