Solar ControlReduce Urban Heat Island Effect And Reduce Energy Consumption



This coating is a patented technology that forms an even clear film of conductive metal oxide on a glass surface by a spray system. This film absorbs and shuts off infrared ray and ultraviolet ray.

In hot summer, it prevents the room temperature from rising because it absorbs and shuts off infrared ray (solar heat) from outside.

Another excellent characteristic is that it keeps the room warm and prevents dew condensation because the heat inside the room is not released to outside easily.

It is an environmentally friendly product that contributes to global warming prevention and cost reduction.

Excellent characteristics of Nano-Zone coating

Shut off about 90% of ultraviolet ray

The coating shuts off 90% of ultraviolet ray, protecting your skin. In addition, it prevents the interior from discoloring and deterioration due to sunlight.

Achieve a visible light transmission of about 80%

Because it is superior in visible light transmission, the exterior appearance and interior brightness are not affected almost at all.

Shut off infrared ray by about 70%

The coating shuts off heat radiating infrared ray by about 70% and thus contributes to energy saving and CO2 emission reduction in offices and houses.

Save heating cost

In cold winter, the area near a window is felt cool due to cool radiation even when the room is heated. A glass coated with Nano-Zone absorbs the heat (far infrared ray) inside the room and thus solves the cool radiation problem.

Prevent incoming insects

Insects with compounded eyes such as moths, horseflies, bees, and stink bugs have a habit of flying toward ultraviolet ray radiated from a fluorescent lamp. By shutting off the ultraviolet ray, the coating can prevent those insects from approaching near the glass.

Remain effective for about 10 years

The Nano-Zone coating is resistant to heat crack because of the same expansion ratio as glasses. It is also resistant to scratches because of the superior hardness. Consequently, it remains effective for about 10 years. It is not necessary to rework the coating frequently as with a film type product.

Do not worry about dew condensation

The test photos below indicate two adjacent windows facing to the north, and the right window with coating. When the room temperature is 15°C and the outside temperature is 0°C, the coated glass is fogged, but no dew drop drips. Dew condensation water may cause bacteria to propagate. By restricting the dew condensation, the coating also provides antimicrobial performance

Before application

After application

Easy application on curved glasses

Application work inside The National Art Center. Total glass area of approximately 4,700m²

Application on the glass architecture

Thermal barrier coating performance verification humid glass car window.

Scratch resistance - not easy to get

scratches by raising and lowering windows

Distortion free

Glass without distortion

Effective air-conditioning - heating or cooling faster

Defrost car windows

16.9℃ 375W infrared light irradiation before.

375W infrared light irradiation

31.5℃ after 90 secs down the 375W infrared light

Irradiation car window.

21.8℃ after 90 secs 375W infrared light irradiation.

-9.7℃ thermal barrier performance.

Application work at LEXUS showroom

Application work at office building

Inside application work at office